Sunday, December 7, 2008

Worship in Kyiv

Today we worshipped with the Holy Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church in downtown Kyiv where the service was fully translated and we were able to take communion with these believers from Ukraine and around the world (we met several missionaries from the States and other countries that are ministering in Ukraine).  We were richly fed from God's word, spent time in prayer, singing and fellowship with this church.
After the service we spent the afternoon with the Mission to the World Ukraine Director and his family.  Thank you, Eric, Lauren, Dannielle and Nate for your hospitality, fellowship and delicious food.  We were able to find out about MTW's work in Ukraine and began discussion regarding mission opportunities.  Matthew is meeting with two missionaries for lunch tomorrow to discuss children's ministry and camp possibilities.
The food was incredible - the bright green sweet pickles and home made apple sauce -WOW!  We need to figure out a way to export them to the States so everyone will know just how good food can be.

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