Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a few thoughts

As Matthew has already said, yesterday was wonderful.  To meet Lela was such a blessing.  As she told us Karina's story I just cried.  Tears of sadness and joy.  Joy that she will have a family to love her and care for and sadness that she has been here so long.  We are so thankful for Lela's years of faithful service!!!!  Oh, the love that she has.  
   Yesterday was also another day of seeing God's provision.  Matthew and I went to the grocery store (a daily routine) to get a few supplies.  While we were there I lost my glove (sorry Alleen).  I felt a little bit of panic because they aren't my gloves.  I just knew that someone had picked it up and it was gone.  Matthew and I split up and began to search, to no avail.  We gave up and checked out.  On our way out the door Matthew said "Is this it?"  Right there on a table was my glove.  I can only assume that someone had picked it up and laid it there. Just another glimpse of the way God provides.  I know that is a small thing, but it is just another reminder of who is in control of ALL things, and that gives us hope.  To know that all of our journey is in God's hand gives us comfort.  
For me yesterday with Karina was even more comfortable than the day before.  It is fun to see her in her activities.  It is also good to see that the supervisors of her playroom are Christians.  The younger supervisor, Tatiana, seems to be very open about her faith.  What another blessing from the Lord.
Continue to pray for Martha and Jay, they have another long trip today.  Yesterday was difficult, pray for strength and wisdom.  We hope to see them tonight.
Thanks for all of your comments and prayers....they are so encouraging!!


  1. Praying for Martha and Jay and so happy you had a great day with Karina.

    I know it is so hard hearing their stories, but I thank God He sent you for Karina. Praise God she has a family that will love her unconditionally.

  2. I love Grandma Lela! What a woman. I cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling and the excitement at brining Karina home! I am so thankful for a faithful and kind Lord that brought you and Karina together and has provided not only for Karina, but also for you each step of the way.

    My sweet Sheila! You should know not to give a second thought to anything the Lord provided you through me. It is all His isn't it? If He so desires to leave a glove behind, so be it! But for your sake, I am glad you found it so your hands will be toasty warm!

    so many are praying for you constantly. I pray that you will feel the Lord's presence and their prayers as you continue on this journey! And for a 12/19 court date. One week!

  3. Hey friends! I am just getting caught up on my blogs, so I am so happy to hear you are there in Odessa and getting busily to work getting Karina back home with you. I will be praying about the court date.

    Much love to you all!