Monday, December 15, 2008

Down Time

   It is amazing to see what your husband is blogging while you are snoring!  Matthew is  a kind and loving husband.  I am thankful that he didn't share all the time that I have fallen apart on this trip. :) It seems that tears flow easier here.  Tears of joy and sorrow.  Here is an example:
Yesterday, as Matthew told you, we were able to worship at a  MTW church plant here in Odessa. During the beginning of the service the organ played "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus".  I could just close my eyes and see Mrs. Connie playing that at First Pres.  Oh, how I felt at home.  God is so good to provide little blessings like that throughout our journey.  Oh how wonderful to worship with other believers!!  It makes me think about heaven and how all believers will be there from every tongue and tribe and nation.  Sunday night we heard a sermon by John Piper.  I am thankful for technology!!!  What a blessing to hear a great sermon in English. God is so benevolent to send us these blessings.
Today, we have some much needed downtime.  We are sad that we can not go to the internot to see Karina, but it does allow us to blog, sleep, exercise etc.  Please continue to pray for our court date.  We would love sooner than later, but we know that all is in God's sovereign hands.  That gives us hope. Thank you for your comments, encouragement and prayers.  They are invaluable to us while we are here.  May the Lord bless you all for the blessing you have been to us on this journey. Please pray for our children. We miss them SO!!  
In Christ Alone


  1. I know it is hard not seeing Karina, but it's nice that you are catching up on rest, exercise, and getting a chance to blog. :)

    I was looking at your wall on facebook and saw many people calling Karina, Katrina. I guess that may happen for awhile or poor thing, it could happen her whole life. Karina's name is so beautiful to me. I guess Katrina is a U.S. name so people are getting

    Still praying and hoping for a court date soon. :)

  2. Thanks guys so much. I hope you have fun in Odessa.

    God bless you.

  3. Saw your boys today in french camp at bruce's "going home" service. they were sweet as always! they were such gentlemen sitting very quietly through a 2 hour service of celebration. they miss you guys but reassured me that they were fine and you would be home before they knew it. praying for ya'll!