Friday, December 5, 2008

Stuck in Kyiv

We were hoping to be on a train right now on the way to Odessa - everyone needs to experience the trains in Ukraine - but apparently we are on the cutting edge of new laws regarding adoptions.  Effective December 1, facilitators can no longer pick up referrals for parents and send them to the region where parents are going.  Instead, adopting parents must go back to the SDA at some point after their appointment.  We went back at the end of the day....not ready...come back Monday...maybe ready then.  If you are coming to Ukraine for adoption you can now expect this new delay of at least one business day - or delayed over the weekend if you have an appointment on Thursday or Friday - before you can leave Kyiv.

So, we will be in Kyiv for the on Kreshchatik Street in front of Independence Square...everyone invited!

Kyiv - yes, this is the correct Ukrainian spelling (not Kiev - learned this as I am studying up on my Ukrainian culture and history) - is a beautiful city.  Still adjusting to the time zone change - woke up at 3AM this morning ready to after some good prayer time I toured the city - Kyiv has great architecture, massive church buildings and delicious food...
Supper at Puzata Khata tonight....we had a party in our tummy with the wonderful Ukrainian food...giant buffet of borscht and lots of foods I cannot name but I recommend everything on the line except the liver that was hiding in Jay's roll (liver should not hide in bread).  Thanks to Spencer and Leslie for telling us about this great place to dine!  We will be going back there soon.

We tried another restaurant last night where I ordered ice cream...still waiting for the ice cream...I guess it melted.  Sheila ordered coffee this morning from the same restaurant...waited and waited...ordered another coffee because the first one was sent to the "back"...maybe I should check the back for the ice cream.
Everytime we talk with our kids they ask, "Have you seen Karina?"  "Where is Karina?"  "Why are you not with Karina?"  "Are you on the choo choo train?"  "Are you on a plane?"  Nope.  God has us in Kyiv for now and we look forward to the adventures he has in store for us right here for now.

Let us know if you are coming for the party on Kreshchatik!


  1. glad things are going well thus far. maybe i missed it somewhere along the way, but why do y'all have to stay over there so long? and does karina know that you are on your way or will it be a complete surprise? we'll continue to pray for y'all!

  2. very excited that you guys made it safely with all your luggage. We're praying for a good trip and home by Christmas!

  3. How exciting...Praying for you guys!

  4. Jonathan ran up to me while I was reading your blog and asked if you had gotten Karina yet. I told him you couldn't get Karina yet. He jumped on his big wheel and said, "I am going to help them get Karina." He sped around in a circle in our den over and over saying, "I am coming Karina. Don't worry." We are praying for you!!

  5. We'd love to come for the party on Kreshatyk! It's weird to see everyone walking in the street on the weekend.
    Are you visiting the church we went to on Sunday? I emailed Katya and asked her to look for you! :-)