Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prayer Requests

When you go before our LORD in prayer today we ask that you bring these things before him:
1.  There is a family from the States that has been in Ukraine 10 weeks working on their adoption and they are still trying to get back home.  They are ready to go home.  Please pray that God would allow them to finish soon.
2.  Another family adopting has some major decisions to make and some big hurdles to jump through - please pray that God would give them wisdom and that he would grant them the children they desire to adopt.
3.  Sheila is sick - please ask God to heal her soon.
4.  Our court date - please pray that God would allow us to have a court decision by next Friday, December 19.
5.  Praise God for his continued provision for this adoption and praise him for the work of the missionary we are staying with.

Your prayers and comments are tremendous blessings to us.  We are so thankful for you and need you during this time.


  1. Please know that we are thinking of you guys and asking our Lord to bring you home soon.

  2. Please say hi to my dear Karina from me. I am full of emotion, seeing you all together as a family in Odessa. I am praying for the court date to be soon.

  3. We will continue holding you up in prayer. Feel better soon, Sheila!!

  4. Please keep praying for us - we will not be adopting Tolik's sister due to many developmental delays, so the process is about to get a lot more complicated and time consuming. They will not give us a court date until this sibling issue is resolved. We are weary and discouraged after a 6-hr drive today and 8-hr argument with "officials."

  5. We will continue praying!
    Thanks so much for giving us specifics that we can pray for.
    Praying for the other families adopting, for an uneventful, speeeeeeeedy court date, and of course for Sheila's health.

    We got about 5 inches of snow at our house today! and 8 hours of no electricity! That's our big news.

  6. Bringing all of these prayer requests to our Father! He is the one who puts the lonely in families. I know there are many situations going on right now with some families there. I pray everything works together for good. I praise Him for what He has done and what He is about to do! Glory to God!

    I thank Him for this wonderful missionary who is my dear, dear friend. I praise Him and thank Him for the work that is being done through this very special person. I pray support will come in to help her with the work she is doing there. She is truly changing the lives of the children everyone she comes in contact with.