Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some Sights of Kyiv

Here are some pictures of our day of exploration Saturday.  In one of the Orthodox churches we saw some type of baby ceremony where the ornately decorated priest sang lines from a book, spoke to a picture - then to the parents - then to the picture - then to the parents - back and forth many times, cut the baby's hair three times and put the hair into a metal box, held a cross up to the parents that they all kissed - even the baby and many other ceremonial gestures.  It was fascinating.  After that we saw the end of a wedding ceremony.
One of the streets we walked down had paintings on both sides for as far as you could see.

There are several hills where you can see much of the city.
This is a bell tower that you can climb.

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  1. Hey there! It's so exciting to see that you're there in Ukraine! At last! I'm sure you can't wait to get down to Odessa to see your girl. We didn't miss you by much in Kyiv, we were there two weeks ago, but we are glad to be back home. Your pictures of Kyiv show some familiar spots. Tell Dima hi for us and when you get into Odessa, you need to look up our friends the Push's. They have been there 8 weeks now adopting two kids from #4 and friendly faces will be a welcome site. I'm so glad you're there after waiting so long!