Thursday, December 11, 2008

A mom's thought's

There are a flurry of emotions that come with adopting.  The excitement, anxiety, happiness- and those emotions all takes place in 30 seconds.  From a mom's perspective I just want my daughter!  It was so wonderful to see her on Tuesday, but on Wednesday we were with OUR Karina.  She was SO busy running to sign papers with the lawyer, then running to choir practice, then running to paint Christmas ornaments....then we had to leave.  A short few hours, too short for me!  I so look forward to seeing her in "her world".  I think that will be so important when we return home.  It is also good for us to see the children in her class and how she interacts with them.  These moments are so precious.  It is also fun for us to see children who will soon be adopted by people in the US soon.   Some of you who are reading this blog have children in internot #4.  It is a pleasure to spend time with them and a joy to let you in on their world.  We have enjoyed seeing Elaine and see her joy and spirit.  We have seen her in art 

class and we have seen her knitting away.  She is very good at it.   It has also been fun to spend time with Grisha.  Matthew was able to throw the football with him in the playroom and some of the other boys and it was fun to see them respond to Matthew.  There are not many men that come to the orphanage except to adopt children.  So it is good to see them play with a guy.  These children have so many can  their story be heard?  They are so full of life.  That may be hard to imagine...but they are. To be honest I may not be able to fully explain the situation of these children until I can come home and process.  My heart goes out to each one of them.  May the Creator of all be a Father to them.  Please pray that for the cute adorable and fun children.  This boy in the picture is Ginia (please forgive my spelling...I am trying to spell phonetically....I am sure that his name is spelled differently).  When we got to the internot Wednesday some of the sixth grade boys were there and they were cleaning, and I mean cleaning!!  They were great workers.  We caught Ginia cleaning out the closet.  He is so warm and always smiles.  He is just one example of the demeanor of the children we have met.  
Now a little more about Karina.  It was good to hear her sing Wednesday.  We got to meet her choir teacher.  She spoke English quite well.  She was sad to be losing Karina, but happy for Karina to have a home.  That has been the predominate feeling we have gotten from most of the people at the internot.  They have been warm and welcoming.  It was fun to walk the hall with Karina and hear people call out her name everywhere.  She was a busy lady Wednesday.  Matthew says that she is just like her mother.  But I remind him that she looks like him. :) It is amazing to see how she fits with us.  Only God in His providence could have made all of this possible.  We continue to thank him and praise Him for His benevolence to us.  We are thankful for your prayers and comments on the blog.  They are such an encouragement to us.  One specific prayer request.  We are praying that we will have our court date on or before Dec 19th.  We are praying for God to work a mighty miracle.  Please join us in that prayer!!!!  That date would allow us to keep our plane tickets the same. That would be wonderful.  That would also allow us to stop in Kyiv and sign any paperwork that we need to sign.  A sooner court date would be WONDERFUL!!!!!  We send our love to you all!!   Sheila


  1. We love, love, love reading about and seeing our wonderful girl and all her sweet friends. I know it will be so different to actually BE there, and so valuable as we become parents to these precious ones.

    The boy's name is spelled Zhenya. I love seeing him so industriously working on that closet. :-)

    Sweet Karina looks so happy. We are praying for you all and will be with you every step of the way!

  2. thanks for writing all of this, sheila. i cannot imagine all of the emotions that you are going through right now, but it must be an amazing time. we're thinking of you all and praying for you all. wish we could catch up in person somehow. it's been a long time.

  3. Thank you so much for the update on Grisha. Please thank Matthew for me for throwing the football with him. I have really been hoping he takes to JC because he hasn't gotten a lot of that "man time." He bonded with me just fine, but he hasn't met his dad in person so it is good to see that he is taking to Matthew well. I thank you so much for taking the time with him.

    I know it is hard to process all of these emotions. You will still be thinking about so much when you come home. I am still trying to process my trip nine months ago. I will remember little things that I had forgotten. A piece of your heart will be left behind when you have to leave the other children. You will never be the same. I praise God you get to bring your girl home when you do leave. I had to leave Grisha and it was so, so, so hard. Next time, I will not have to leave without him. Thank you, Jesus.

    And as Leslie said, IT IS SNOWING HERE!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? You leave and it snows...haha But, you are getting to experience it there so you aren't technically missing I posted some snow pics on facebook. :)