Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe Yes...Maybe No

Maybe yes...maybe no...this is what we say in Ukraine.

Will we have a meeting?  Maybe yes...maybe no.
When will it be?  Maybe today...maybe tomorrow.

Will we get the paperwork?  Maybe yes...maybe no.
When will we get it?  Maybe today...maybe tomorrow.

Will we have court?  Maybe yes...maybe no.
When will it be?  Maybe today...maybe tomorrow.

Received a call this morning...court was cancelled...maybe tomorrow.

So...court has been rescheduled for Christmas Eve...4AM Central Time.

God's timing is perfect.  Since we did not have court we were able to spend time with the orphans again...this is sweet time.  We have become good friends with the children in Karina's class.  We want to bring them all home.  Please pray and ask God if he would have you blessed to make an orphan your own.  We tossed the football, wrestled, talked, played...these children love for someone to spend time with them and love on them.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  Jay and Martha seem to be having some good news and some progress with their paperwork.  They have an important appointment at 1AM Central Time - please pray that it goes well and they are so thankful for your prayers.

We appreciate your prayers regarding court tomorrow.  Today we asked Karina if she was ready for court and she said she was but she is a little nervous.  She said she hopes she does what she needs to do.  
We encouraged her and then I asked her, "When they ask if you want us to be your parents, what will you say?"
"Of course I do!!!  Yes, yes, yes!!"

We look forward to court.

We ask you to pray about our return trip home...we have had to cancel our first flights and now it is looking difficult finding a way home at a decent price...God always provides and we know he will bring us home when he wants us to be home.

Dear Harrison, Isaac, Noah and Storey Grace,
We are trying to come be with you by Christmas but if not we know you will be blessed to be with grandmommy and grandfather.  We love you!  We are coming home soon.  If God does not bring us home to be with you by Christmas, we want you to know that we will have Christmas with children who do not have a mom, dad, grand mommy or grand father.  We thank you for how excited you have been to share your parents with kids that have none.
Mom and Dad

Thanks so much, Dorothy, for loving on our kids and sending pictures!

Will we know more tomorrow?
Maybe yes...maybe no.


  1. We will continue praying for you, as well as for Jay and Martha!

  2. WOW!! I was hoping to see how it went in court and was shocked that it was canceled. Looking forward to hearing how it goes tomorrow... maybe you will have court, maybe you will not...lol

    Yes, God has it all under control!

    Sweet pictures of the children. Storey Grace looks like my little Gabriel with that apple. Apples are his favorite food. :)

    So happy to hear that things are progressing with Jay and Martha. Please tell them we are still praying.

  3. We pray for maybe yes--definite yes--and that Martha and Jay's situation is worked out, too. And we pray for the children. Thank you for spending time with our доч (doch, daughter) and all the other kids. Can't wait to be there next year!

  4. Maybe yes, maybe no.....and so it goes and goes...in Ukraine! Everyone told us that before we left, but we didn't fully understand it until we were there. I'm sure you understand now!

    We will continue praying for a speedy court date, as well as for Jay and Martha.

  5. Matthew and Sheila, I was in the process of exhaling, but--now I am inhaling again, because God really does want you there to love on all those children. How blessed are they and you! Then when I saw the pictures of my "adopted grandchildren" I had to laugh and cry at the same time. Such gifts of God!!!!! AND-He WILL make a way!!! Love, Dorothy

  6. Mike and I laughed when I read "maybe yes maybe no" outloud to him! We hear that all the time from the orphans. It's either that or 50/50. It cracks us up.
    Ashley called me this morning to tell me about your blog and wanted me to read it. She was excited about what was going on in Peru. SO WEIRD in a God kind of way because our son, Mike, was asked to go to Peru just two days ago. He leaves 1/4 or 1/5. He works for a Christian sports camp here in San Antonio every summer....as soon as he returns from the Ukraine, he begins at the camp. Well...they have been building a camp in Peru and it's going to open and have it's first campers so they invited Mike to come and be a part of it. He's sooooo excited!!!! I'll tell you more as I know more but I just had to share that! We'll be praying for you guys.

  7. Give me ambiguity or give me something else!

    Paul at the home church told me that one last week. Sorry to hear about your delays, I hope you can get court soon! Blessings to you!

  8. Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the court system. We were really hoping you would have good news today.

    "Hurry up and wait!" Seems to be the never-ending theme. But it sounds like you are being rewarded as well.

    Tomorrow, the sun will rise and shine just as bright. And you will have court.

  9. I am actually up right now at 1:00 am--nothing wrong, just Christmas busy-ness-- and will be praying for Jay and Martha. He can move the mountains--he is mighty to save!

    Today, we drove out of the gates and Johnny insisted that he wanted to see Noah. We miss you all!