Monday, March 7, 2011

Report from Ukraine

 This is the latest report from one of our missionaries on the field in Ukraine.
Thank you very much for supporting my ministry to the children in the orphanages.
Praise the Lord that He gives me health, time, money resources, prayers and support of many people.  He blesses me with everything I need for my ministry.
Last Saturday we spent time with children in the village orphanage and it was a really good time of playing with them, telling them how God created this universe for us to enjoy it and take care of it.  Our practical craft was planting beans in the plastic glasses.  Children enjoyed that very much.  The children get excited every time they see us and they take us by the hand and ask many questions.  They ask so many questions we must be flexible with our schedule.
We're fine about that and very often at our planning when we share our impressions and things we achieved we often laugh because most of the time we spend listening to them, which is so great.
Would you please pray for the doors in this village orphanage to be kept on be open for us as always and that we'll be allowed to make a camp for children.