Sunday, December 7, 2008


Our trip has been full of surprises....for those of you coming, here are some positives to encourage you...
-the food is GOOD!
-the hotel we are staying is nice. They provide breakfast which is a plus when you are foraging for food is a city of a few million.
- it is not as cold as I anticipated .....YET- we have been told they are having a heat it may get a lot colder.
-things are much less expensive  than we anticipated.... the dollar is really gaining here right now.
-the people in the hotel speak ENGLISH... actually many of the people we have met  speak English.
-we really enjoy walking everywhere. It is a really beautiful city and people are constantly walking around cleaning it.
-we have made some great friends in Jay and Martha.... it has been a joy to experience Kyiv with them
-God's provision....we should not be surprised by His benevolence... but it still takes our breath away when he provides.  May he receive all the glory.  
-our facilitators have been so helpful... we knew they would help us...but they have been great.
   These are just a few of the ways we have been surprised by during our short stay in Kyiv.  We can't wait to see how God will surprise us next. This journey has reminded me of a song by Keith and Krystin Townend.....  "May this journey be a blesssing, may I rise on wings of faith, and at the end of my hearts testing, in your likeness let me stay."  I have often hummed this song during our stay. Please continue to pray for us.- Sheila

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  1. Sheila, I love that song, too. May this journey be a blessing indeed! I pray for God to give you peace and patience. There is no better place than Ukraine to have to be patient! God is so sweet and kind and good. May He bless you and Matthew and Karina and the kids back home. I can't wait to meet them Saturday. I already love them! Sincerely, Dorothy Wiman