Monday, February 16, 2009

July 8

Karina has seen what happens to people that celebrate birthday's in Mexican restaurants... the sombrero... the singing... the whip cream in the face.
Last night she told us that she did not want to go to a Mexican restaurant on her birthday.
We told her that her birthday is a big day and we needed to celebrate big!

She looked at us and said,
"My birthday is not a big day.... July 8 is a big day."

"July 8? Why is July 8 a big day?" I asked.

"July 8 was the day you asked if I wanted to be adopted by you. July 8 is my big day."


  1. That is precious. It would be my big day, too.

  2. She is so sweet. I'm so happy to see her smiling.

  3. And July 8th it is a very special day. Love it, sweet Karina.