Sunday, February 1, 2009

Coming Home Monday!

After five weeks in Ukraine (three weeks in December and the past two weeks in January) we are on our way home.
What a journey it has been... one of the greatest journeys of our life.
At 10:45PM Monday, February 2, 2009 we will arrive at the Jackson airport.
Some of you have asked about seeing Karina at the airport.  Of course, you are welcome to see her.  I am sure she will love it.  I know it will be very late for a week day, we may be tired and stinky after many hours of traveling but we happily welcome anyone that wants to see her arrive in Jackson.  It will be a precious evening.


  1. Congratulations and praying for a safe journey!

  2. We are praying for a safe trip home for you and Karina. So thankful for your joyous times together and that everything has worked out as only God could make it work--beautifully! We would LOVE to come to the airport, but we will let you get settled a bit before we descend upon you. Please know that we love you and our church will be praying for you even as you wing your way back home! Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy! In Christ's love, Dorothy

  3. I know that every day is like Christmas, and you have been given such a gift in your daughter Karina. I am continually shocked lately that anyone could look upon a gift the Lord God has given them in a child and decide to turn their back on that child. My heart breaks for these children in Ukraine, in the States, all around the world. I pray that God would make is Christmas for more families and children like He has for you and yours.

    Praise God you're coming home so soon! :-)

  4. I wish I were stateside! your arrival time is not late to me!! :) night owl that i am. I am praying for your safe return and cannot wait to hear all about this latest trip. I am so thankful that our Lord has brought you together and will bring you home! Amen!

  5. We are so excited! Let us know if we can stock your fridge or have lights on, etc . . . ! Anything you need around TL, just ask. : )

  6. i am kicking myself! i fly back into Mississippi tonight too, but i scheduled to come in through New Orleans instead of Jackson. Blast! Many hugs! shoot us an email or give us a call when you get settled. We'd love to get together!

  7. Congratulations! We are praying for safe passage home. God Bless -

  8. We have been praying for safe travels!
    I hope to meet Karina one day soon.
    We would have loved to meet her at the airport, but Spencer is out of town, and the drive back would be very very late for the kiddos.
    I know you are all very excited to all be together tonight!
    I will be looking for a post with some pics of the entire family together!