Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Never Had a Daddy Before

This morning Karina went to the doctor.
Before leaving she told us that she did not like doctors but we told her that she would like her new doctor.  He is not just a great doctor... he is a good friend.
When she returned she said, 
"I like doctor!  He's nice... he's silly... just like you!"

Pediatrician done... coming up she has to visit the eye doctor and the dentist.

This afternoon we were blessed to spend some time with the Fumia family.  They are adopting a boy from Karina's class.  He is a great boy that we grew to love while we were in Odessa.  You can follow their story at fumia.blogspot.com.  Please pray for them as they prepare to get their son and still need about $15,000.  Please pray that God will provide the money they need.

This morning Karina spent several hours with Sheila talking about many things.  During the conversation she said something that brought tears to my eyes when Sheila shared it with me...
  "I want the man I marry to be just like my daddy."

This evening she wanted to talk to me about boys.  She asked several questions...
"Will you pick out boy for me to marry one day?"
"If I like boy, will you like him, too?"
"If boy wants to like me, what will you do?"

Later on she asked many more questions regarding what I think is good or bad... what I will let her do or not do... what I like to do and do not like to do... how I want her to act in certain situations... the subjects ranged from eating... to exercise... to music... back to boys... to God... and church... and how God wants us to live... the Bible...

She was so eager and enthusiastic to understand what I wanted for her, what I expect of her, what I hope for her... what I pray for her.

When we were done she smiled and said...
"This is good...
You know...
I never had a daddy before."


  1. Oh man, that just brings tears to my eyes. I hope and pray that I can have that type of relationship with Dasha. The question is how long before she calls us Daddy and Mommy. We'll see. You guys are an inspiration and we hope to meet you some day. God bless and we'll call you this weekend.

    David & Donna

  2. I have tears in my eyes, too. I'm so glad Karina has a daddy now!

  3. You should really add a "Kleenex Needed" warning label at the top of this one. Thank you for sharing something so precious.

  4. Aww!That touches your heart. I'm so glad that she is attentive to what you want for her. I'm sure you're a great daddy!

  5. We had a wonderful day with all of you and can't wait to see you again.

    I am so glad Karina is asking these questions and trusting your judgement. This time is priceless.