Friday, February 6, 2009

It is Beautiful

Last night the seven of us went on a walk. Karina kept looking up and on the way back to the house we passed a large grassy field. She walked over into the grass, laid down and just stared into the sky. Her brothers and sister immediatedly followed, laying in the grass all around her.

Sheila and I joined in.

After a few moments Karina said,
"It is beautiful...the moon... the Ukraine, in orphanage, I not see moon and stars."

We all layed in the grass for a while talking, tickling, giggling, being silly as usual.

This is day number four with Karina home.

What has life been like with her here?

It is beautiful.


  1. You could lay and look at the stars in South Dakota this time of year, too, but you'd better be in a snow suit! Blessings to you!

  2. The life through the eyes of a child are even more beautiful! We are so happy you guys are home and hope to talk to you soon.

    And... you'd need a snow suit in Phialdelphia right now too. No grass just snow :)