Sunday, February 1, 2009

Every Day is like Christmas

Decree On Behalf of Ukraine:

"The child is reared at children's institution under full state support...(biological parents have) deviated from their parental responsibilities in rearing of their daughter, Karina... Respondents did not appear in court, their location is unknown...  During the child's stay at the boarding school, nobody visited her, met with personnel of the boarding school, expressed an interest in the child's life, state of health or upbringing, did not call, did not write, did not support child financially...

court comes to conclusion to deprive parental rights...


Matthew and Sheila Nasekos to be the parents of Karina and her name be Karina Ann Nasekos"

The above is from paperwork handed to us at the U.S. Embassy.

The decree mentions several times, "did not express any interest in the child's life..."

This same child, that for us, to be with brings such joy, happiness, laughter, smiles...

Every day with Karina is like Christmas.  We are so immensely blessed to have her as our daughter and to spend these days with her.  She is so fun to be with.

Everything we do is an amazing adventure to her.

She is thankful for anything we do.

She is very silly.

We play fun games together.

There are many jokes.

There is lots of laughter… I never knew having a teenage daughter was so much fun!!!

She fits very well into our family...people keep telling us how God perfectly placed her with us.

Last night on the train we laughed and laughed until we were too tired to keep going.

We are truly blessed… it seems like Christmas every day with our Karina.  She is truly a precious gift given to us by our good Heavenly Father.

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