Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Good to be Home

Sunday night Karina let us know that she was excited about coming home but also nervous... nervous regarding language... she can understand a good bit of English when it is spoken to her but at times she can have a tough time finding English words to say to us... and anyone else that is talking with her.  We prayed with her and she called a good friend to talk in Russian for a while... we told her that she was a brave girl... I promised to learn some more Russian... and we went to sleep before our flight out of Ukraine.

Monday she woke up ready to go.
We walked to the airport from our hotel and checked in... this is it... we are taking our daughter out of Ukraine and going home... we cherished every moment of this day.

It began with passport control in Kyiv... checking the documents... rechecking the documents... examining the court decree.... examining her immigrant visa... then the questions... "you adopted this girl but she looks just like you"... passport gets stamped... we board the plane to New York!

We arrive in New York about ten hours later and go straight to passport control...
when an official found out we had adopted we were put at the back of the line...
"this is going to take a while" we were told...
Passport officer:
"I need to see immigrant packet from U.S. Embassy and passport."
Looks through paperwork...
looks at us... looks at Karina...
"So, you adopted her?"
"But she looks just like you."
"Yes.  We have heard that."
Stamps passport.
"Take these papers into that office."
We enter the office of the Department of Homeland Security.
"Take a seat and wait until called."
"Please come back here."
Told our responsibilities and obligations... paperwork accepted...
"Karina Ann Nasekos, welcome to the United States of America.  You are a citizen of the United States with all the rights and privileges that come with US citizenship.  You will receive paperwork in 4-6 weeks... hey, you look just like your parents."
We smile... welcome our daughter to America... and board the plane to Atlanta.

We arrive in Atlanta with 45 minutes to catch the flight to Jackson... the last leg.

We arrive in Jackson at about 10:45PM...
"Karina, are you excited to see your brothers and sister?"
"Of course!"

We were greeted with signs, balloons, hugs and kisses.  Together, finally.

Thank you Grace, Alex, Ashley, Samuel, Marie, mom and dad for welcoming us.  It was great to see all of you - I know it was late but thanks for coming!

After visiting with friends and family for a while at the airport all seven of us got in the van for the thirty minute drive home... the kids could hardly contain themselves.

When we entered the house Karina stopped in the kitchen... looked at us with a smile on her face... looked up... let out a sigh... and said,
"It's good to be home."


  1. Hey glad you made it safely, and congratulations to all of you. Blessings to you!

  2. This is awesome you guys and when you get settled let us know so we can give you a call. Please give Karina a hug for us and tell her welcome home.

    David, Donna and Amber

  3. Karina, welcome home! We are so happy you are home now with your mama, papa, brothers, and sister. We prayed for you to have a family, and God gave you to each other. :-) (And we pray that Elaine will be home with us soon.) May God bless you!

    Карина, добро пожаловать домой! Мы настолько счастливы, что ты дома теперь с тоей мамой, папой, братьями, и сестрой. Мы молились относительно тебе, чтобы иметь семью, и Бог дал вам друг другу. :-) (И мы просим Богу, что Лена будет дома с нами скоро.) Да благословит тебя Господь!

  4. Welcome home! Thomas and I were saying "They should be landing now" at 10:45. Hope to see you guys soon. Praise God for bringing all of you home.

  5. Welcome home Karina!
    Praise God you finally one, big and happy family.
    God bless you my friends

  6. What a blessing :) I love the "Hey, you look like your parents" part!!!

  7. Well, since she looks so much like you, it was meant to be!:)

    Welcome home! I never slept so well as when we first came home with our Karina;) Since your Karina knows some English, you both will probably be amazed at how fast she learns English. The understanding by hearing comes before the speaking ability. People are amazed at our daughter's English even after just a few months home.

    Best wishes,

  8. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I am so glad ya'll are doing well and I hope we can visit soon.