Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Dossier is Headed to Ukraine!!

All we can do is fall to our knees and thank our gracious heavenly Father for allowing us to complete everything needed for the Ukraine dossier in three months. We started the adoption paperwork near the end of July and today we sent all of it to Ukraine! We thank God for his incredible provision.
So what have we been working on for the past three months? Here is a partial list: Home Study, interviews, family history, childhood history, education history, parenting skills, parent education class, adoption education studies, view of discipline, reference checks, local criminal clearance, state criminal clearance, FBI clearance, fingerprints, various applications, home inspection, waste water inspection, employment verification, income verification, mental evaluation, physical evaluation, emotional evaluation, children's medical evaluation, various medical tests, bloodwork, birth certificates, marriage certificates, work with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, social worker license, agency license, social worker employment status, passports, petition to adopt, letter of obligation, Power of Attorney, rejection of dossier letter, appointment letter, statement of home agreement, notaries and apostille's.
Thank you to all involved along the way. Our social worker from Catholic Charities is amazing. She is one of the reasons why everything was completed in three months. We highly recommend Catholic Charities as the home study agency to anyone considering adoption. Thank you to our local and state police departments, notaries, the Secretary of State Department of MS, our doctor, Twin Lakes, and everyone else involved in helping get our paperwork done.
A huge thank you to Amy. Amy is our dossier examiner to make sure that all the paperwork is to SDA specifications. SDA is the governement agency in Ukraine that oversees adoption. Amy, thanks for all your time, quick responses and your patience as we had dozens upon dozens of questions. Thanks for catching things that needed to be changed or corrected.
Thank you to other parents that have adopted or are in the process of adopting. Thanks for your stories, your encouragement, your advice, your visits, your help, your prayers and your blogs. You have been a tremendous help and encouragement.
Thank you to everyone that is praying. This is not possible without your prayers and God working because of your prayers.
When we realized that our dossier could be sent in soon, we did not have the financial fee that was due with the dossier. However, when the time came to send it off, God had provided the money. To those who have given, thank you!
Our dossier is gone, we are tired, we are thankful. It has been an amazing journey so far and one that we would not have wanted to miss for all the riches the world could provide. It has been a journey of trusting God with each step and learning what it means to lean on him. And we still have a long way to go...

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