Friday, October 24, 2008

My First Blog Post -Sheila

Up until now, Matthew has been keeping you posted on our progress. I am not very technologically literate. But I have really enjoyed reading the blogs of other adopting families, so I thought I would try my hand at blogging. This journey has been, need less to say an exciting ride. Through all the ups and downs I would not have it any other way. Karina is so worth whatever we have to do to adopt her. It is hard to express how she has grown in our hearts over the last 4 months. Even as I write that I realize that it has been a very short period of time. This dossier process has seemed like a life time!! Now, we have time to relax a bit and reflect on what all God has done. How he has grown us and how he has strengthened us. He has used many things to do both. I must say that he has used the Body of Christ in an amazing way. Just when we needed a word of encouragement someone was there to offer it. Specifically the ladies in my Thursday morning Bible Study have been a sip of cool water on many a dry morning. These ladies have prayed for and asked about the adoption so many times, more than I can count. Thanks ladies! Our discipleship group has also been a great encouragement as well. These folks are a great group!!! It is a privilege to be able to pray and learn with them on Wednesday nights. There are so many people from our church who are praying it is often overwhelming. I must say that in several worship services I have been amazed at how God has used the preached word to comfort and encourage me. Thanks Ligon and Derek. I know Matthew has already blogged about Anderson, but I must also say that his mom Erin has also been such a blessing. She has been so supportive and encouraging. She is a dear and longtime friend.

Many people have asked what my parents have thought about Karina. They love her. She spent a long time talking to my dad on her visit to Picayune and he really enjoyed getting to know her. They can't wait for her to come home. They look forward to having another granddaughter.

So you may be asking what are we doing now that the dossier is out of our hands? Well, we are not just sitting around. We are actually playing a little catch up on all the things that had to be postponed because of the dossier. I have been given the opportunity to give a devotion at our church on Monday night. If you remember I would greatly appreciate your prayers. The title of the devo is "Made to time to do it!" How appropriate a title. I am definitely going to be drawing on all of the things the Lord has been teaching me over the last few months. They asked me to speak in April or May. Only God could have known how much my life would have changed by October. I am also getting ready for a bake sale for Karina in French Camp. The radio station there is having an arts and crafts fair and they invited us to have a booth to sell Karina Cookies and other baked goods. I am making jar mixes to sell. It is fun. I have never made them before, so this is also a new experience. Please pray for us on November 8th. I am sure we will have a great time seeing many friends in French Camp. You can also pray for Matthew on November 4th as he will be speaking, at French Camp Academy during their chapel. It is exciting and humbling to see God's hand at work in all of this, thanks for joining us on this adventure. May God be glorified in all!!! Thanks for reading my first attempt at blogging. I hope it wasn't too long.

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  1. have you considered coming to the Picayune Street Fair, (this Saturday & Sunday) to sell your cookies? You can call Reba Beebe at 601-799-3070 to see if there's still space available....