Friday, October 31, 2008

Karina Waits for Us

For anyone that is interested in understanding more about the plight of orphans in Ukraine and families that are adopting, please visit this blog: David is gifted with words.

He wrote about Karina in yesterday's blog:

"There was another child, a young girl in the process of being adopted by an American family that hosted her. They recently asked us to keep a lookout for their girl when we made visits to the Internot. Since this was the last time I was going to be at the Internot, I did not think I was going to have a chance to find her. But when Anya was going around saying goodbye to different people in different rooms, I recognized this particular girl from the picture of her on the family’s blog site! I told Cindie, “There she is! I have to get some video of her for her family in America!” That is what I did.
I remember how starved I was for any little bit of anything I could get from Ukraine about our kids when we were waiting. Any picture, letter, any news. A thirty-second video would have been a feast. What a blessing to be able to do that for them. This girl waits for her family to come for her. I hope for not long. The family waits for the SDA. Everyone hopes. Finally, a dossier is submitted. Will it be accepted?
In adoptions, it seems, trepidation is a devoted companion. What will go wrong? What will happen next? Everything matters, it is all so important, and it is all, so out of our control. My fear has always proved an opportunity for me to improve my trust in God, to grow my faith, to exchange my fear for faith, usually with the expenditure of some degree of effort. I’ve never wanted of such opportunities.
How do you say goodbye to this family’s little girl, as she waits and as they hope? I felt sad, leaving her behind."

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  1. Hey Matt and Sheila! Believe it or not we have been praying for you since you first sent a cryptic email to the Smiths. :) I saw your letter at Suzy's today and found your blog through Grace's. Finally! So, from some of your other adoptive family friends,, we are praying for you in this journey. I am glad to have found your blog so I can stay better informed.

    We love you!