Thursday, October 30, 2008

Etc., etc., etc. -Sheila

We are so excited that things are moving in Ukraine. It is difficult to wait, but it is not as hectic right now as it was during our dossier preparation phase. We hope that the translation is completed and the dossier is notarized (AGAIN!) by Thursday. If so, it will be submitted to the SDA (State Department of Adoption) for approval. Please pray that we get approval. Several dossiers have been rejected recently. (a rejected dossier means that this process could take another year) We are so ready to see Karina!!! We were able to send her a package through Bo Bowen, a friend of ours who faithfully shares the gospel in Ukraine. He is going to be running an evangelism clinic in Odessa next week. We hope he will be able to go to Orphanage #4 and share there. We also hope that he will be able to see Karina. One of Bo's translaters is Tasha Sobko, she worked at Twin Lakes this summer and lives in Ukraine. She and Karina became very close over the summer and I hope Tasha will be able to see Karina and encourage her.

Thank you to those of you who were praying for my devotion on Monday p.m. I could feel your prayers. My audience was very patient with me as my knees knocked. When you teach on anything you learn so much more than your listeners do. God is so benevolent to continue to teach me. I am thankful that he uses His Word as a tutor to my heart. May I continue to apply what He teaches and never stop seeking to grow more into His image. God is so creative ( duh! He is the CREATOR!) to use many ways to teach and rebuke us. I have now turned to blog babbling.
Our house now looks more like the Kebbler Elves live there than we do. I have been a candy making machine! Actually all of us have (especially Storey Grace). We have been mixing and stirring and dipping in chocolate until the kitchen looked like a tornado had ran through it and left us some sweet surprises. I have many tasters at my disposal who are more than willing to let me know if something is not up to snuff. Getting ready for November 8th has been a lot of fun. It has given me specific time to pray for Karina as I work. Matthew did a great deal of work on the dossier and on our adoption presentation video, but I am really not gifted in either of those areas. (We would still be working on the dossier next summer if I had to get it together.) This booth is something I am familiar with... shopping and food:) It has also been a great way to work with the children and practice some practical math problems :)
Speaking of I found some boots to wear while we are in Ukraine. Bargain Boutique is my shop of choice and today after quite a bit of searching I found them. This may seem quite trivial to you, but I am not a huge fan of cold weather and I am thankful for some warm footwear. You may wonder why boots, when I am going to be running (literally) around Ukraine. We have been given specific things to wear while we are there so that we will blend in. I kind of think this might be hopeless but we are going to try. We need to wear dark clothes, mostly black. We also must wear dress clothes to all of our appointments (Think church clothes.) On court day we need to be really dressed up. (Suit and tie day) It may sound a bit odd, but our outward appearance will go a long way in helping us adopt Karina. If you have any suggestions on how to stay warm, let me know. Jackson is as far north as I have ever lived!!

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