Thursday, January 22, 2009

Through the Iron Gate

In December we had to leave the orphanage each day at 5PM.  Karina would follow us out of the building you see above and we would stop at the iron gate that closed the orphanage off from the outside.  Beside this gate we would hold each other and we would pray for our girl.  After our prayer it was hugs...kisses...goodbye...and we would walk through the gate and Karina would run back inside the orphanage.

Yesterday we made the 20 minute walk to the orphanage to meet with the social worker, inspector and an assistant to the director at  9AM.  

Karina was called good it was for us to see and hold her.  We did not have a translator for this meeting so it was quite interesting when an argument broke out between two people...I eventually realized that they were arguing whether the papers they were filling out could be photocopied or copied by hand...the result after much back and forth was...copy by hand...we were relieved to find out that the entire argument was about that and not anything more significant.

We signed a few papers and then left the room to stand in the hallway...Dima, a sixteen year old boy that we have become friends with talked with us...Sasha, Karina's close friend came to tell Karina and us goodbye...a few minutes went by and we were given a sheet of paper that said Karina was free to go... no longer a resident of this orphanage.

We walked outside and another friend ran out to hug Karina and tell us goodbye.

Then Matthew, Sheila and Karina Nasekos walked to the iron gate that we had walked to many times in December...

only this time, we all walked through the iron gate...

... and kept walking.  In the above picture Karina paused at the gate long enough for me to snap this picture... we were all so excited to go through that gate together.

What did Karina leave the orphanage with?  Her parents and what you see in this picture...a coat, gloves, tennis shoes, the clothes she is wearing and a purse.  
What is in the purse?  Pajamas that Sheila gave her before we left in December, a notebook where she has some of her drawings, and contact information of her friends, a photo of one of her good friends, a pen and her Bible.
The above list was all the possessions she had.  It is amazing to see her joy and excitement... her earthly possessions are so few...she has clothes on her back, she has her Bible, she has her parents.... we asked her if she had anything else...

" is ok.  It is all I need."

We hopped into a waiting car and it was off to the birth certificate office....more paperwork... then a birth certificate was issued -   Name:  Karina Ann Nasekos - Born:  Odessa, Ukraine - Parents:  Matthew and Sheila Nasekos.

Then lunch with Jay and Martha!!!  How fun it was to see them again and their two boys!  

Next we went to the passport office where Karina had her passport picture taken and we applied for her international passport so she can leave the country!  There is at least a five day wait before we receive it.

There is so much more to write about...we will try to spend more time writing tomorrow.  Today has been such a joyful day...a full day with our daughter.  Through some of our meetings we have learned more of her at five years and five months she first ran away from home to escape the the state stepped in when they learned how much she was the orphanage has been her shelter while she waited for the parents that would not beat her but love her and care for she has waited seven years for us.  Words and tears do not express the love and joy we feel towards has been one of the best days of our lives... thirteen years after she was born, Karina has spent an entire day as Karina Ann Nasekos with her mom and dad.  Many thoughts have gone through our minds of those thoughts is how could a parent abuse and throw away a child?  Karina is a precious girl...I am sorry for her biological parents...they have missed so much...I am thankful that God has given this precious treasure to us...

Dear God, thank you for this gift...and help us be good parents.


  1. I praise God that Karina Ann Nasekos no longer lives behind the iron gate! All children need a family to love breaks my heart when parents don't treasure the gifts God has given them. Thank you, Lord, for making a home for the lonely, for giving another of your precious ones a family, a name, and a future.

  2. Wow it's a great day for everyone! Congratulations and blessings to you!

  3. I praise God for His great love for us! I thank Him for bringing you to the place where you knew you wanted to adopt a precious child. What a wonderful thought that He had chosen Karina for you before the foundation of the world! This is about the most awesome thing I have ever heard! What a sweet and great God we serve. I love you and can not wait to meet Karina! Matthew and Sheila, I will be looking for that book! In Christ, Dorothy

  4. Praise the Lord!!! I cannot believe she is with you! I know there is much more paper work, things for the Lord to work out so you can come home, but your daughter is with you!!!! There are certainly angels rejoicing!! Thank you for sharing her with us and your incredible story. What a faith builder!!

    I hope you are well. We're praying for your parents, the kids and for the three of you to come home soon!!

  5. Congratulations!
    I'm so happy for you guys. Say hi to Karina from me.
    God bless you my friends.

  6. Kristina and I both teared up reading this! Thank you for sharing with us and reminding us of the beauty and gift of adoption. The Lord has blessed all of us richly with these children.

  7. What incredible news! I am rejoicing with you all. Praise the Lord for providing a loving, godly family for Karina!

  8. Thank you God that you have blessed Karina and granted her hearts desire! May the Lord bless you and get the three of you back home to the rest of your family.

  9. Fantastic news, congratulations to you all! Is there some time we could meet? My home number is 724-8292. Bob

  10. What an incredible reminder of God's grace and enduring spirit. We are soooooo happy for you guys.

    David & Donna