Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank You and Prayer Requests

We were able to talk to Karina on the phone was wonderful. She says she is doing good...loves us....misses us...ready to come home. Karina, we too, are ready for you to come home and we love you and we miss you.

We praise God for all of you who have lifted us up in prayer and for those who are also praying for the other families that are adopting from Ukraine.

We praise God for your encouragement through those prayers, through comments, emails, etc.

Thank you for laboring with us. Thank you for your prayers.

By tonight, Matthew will be in Peru leading a group of 26 people from the States and Ukraine to join 30 Peruvians to lead summer camp for the children of Trujillo, Peru. We may have up to 30 children from the orphanage that was involved last year. The rest of the children come from the churches and neighborhoods that Peru Mission works with.

Because of the extended time we have spent and will spend in Ukraine, we decided that Sheila and the kids will remain in the States...all of us would like to be in Peru for camp but we are just not able to do it this year. The boys, especially are sad...they enjoyed camp so much last year and loved every moment of it as they sought to serve the other children...but they understand why and are sooooooooooo excited that Karina will be home soon. Storey Grace is still trying to figure out why Karina is not here already.

Please join us in prayer:

1. Sheila and the kids - rest, safety, obedient children, protection as they travel to stay with family, final preparations for Karina's arrival home.

2. Mission Team: health, safety, wisdom, travels, families that are left behind, protection and that all of us will be godly servants willing to minister to others and put the needs of others before our own. Please pray that no one gets sick.

3. Camp: that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be clearly and boldly proclaimed and that God would use his word to draw many to himself, safety for all the campers. Paul Nasekos (my dad)will be teaching on Creation and Fall through Noah to point to what Christ has done for us during assembly times as well as working with a team using Child Evangelism Fellowship materials in our "Evangelism Tent".

4. Churches: that the churches and church leaders would grow from this experience and become more like Christ.

5. Peru Counselors: that the Peruvian camp staff will continue to understand the fundementals of camp ministry and that they will be blessed in order to be a blessing to others.

6. That Matthew will lead with a godly, wise, gentle and serving heart.

7. That God would be glorified, his kingdom will be built, we will leave those we work with encouraged in their faith in Jesus and we will come back with a greater passion for Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers.
Not sure what kind of internet we will have in Peru but will blog if able.

Soli Deo Gloria


  1. Matthew,

    Safe travels to you and holiday blessings to you & the family.

    We hope to see you in Ukraine with Jay & Martha later this month.

    Brad & Mari

  2. Many prayers will be lifted up from our family!

    So glad you were able to talk to Karina. :)