Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crafts for Orphans in Ukraine

As we prepare to go back to Ukraine, here is a list of some craft items that are needed. A missionary spends time with the children making crafts and she needs these items. If you can help send some to Ukraine please send me an email: Matthew@twinlakescamp.org and we can arrange a time and place to get them - we need them by this weekend if you can help. Thanks.
pipe cleaners
any kind of paint for kids
perler beads (these are the beads that you set on a little tray and then melt together with an iron)
paint with water books
two or three pairs of lefty sissors
construction paper
cupcake wrappers
stirafoam balls (I could use a lot of these - any size)

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  1. Matthew, Donna will send you guys a note with what we can send over. She'll get a bunch of stuff from AC Moore.

    David ...