Friday, March 13, 2009

A Word from the Mamma.

   I haven't blogged since our return over a month ago.  Sorry for that.  I am thankful that my husband has kept you updated on our silly family.
   The time since our return has flown.  I can't believe that we have been home over a month, but then again it seems like we have had Karina forever.  She has meshed so well into our family.  That is not to say that we have not had bumps in the road, but they have been small and we both have learned so much from them.  
    For example, one day we were both in the kitchen and I had been showing Karina how to cook.  I was busy running around and she was asking questions every few minutes "Mommy, how do you do this?", "Mommy, how do you do that?".  I answered them and kept on moving around doing my tasks.  Then she said, " I am asking because you know, I have never had a mommy before."  I quickly stopped what I was doing and said "Yes, I know."  Yes, she did have a mother, but she did not have a mommy.  A woman to teach her, rebuke her, love her, hold her, inquire about her, etc.  That one statement gave me a perspective check.  Am I more worried about my agenda, or am I concerned with what God would have me be concerned relationship with my daughter and the rest of my family.  This adoption journey does change the child, but it also changes the parent.  I am so thankful to be on this journey.  Thankful that God is still seeking to sanctify this wretched sinner into His image.  Thankful that He is using my 13 year old daughter to do it.  What a is so much more than I deserve. 


  1. You've been nominated for a blog award! Come visit my blog to claim it

  2. So nice to know she WANTS a mommy! I am still praying that O sees me more than just her guardian/director/teacher/caregiver!
    Keep posting Mamma!

  3. Great post, Sheila! I so hope Grisha calls me Mommy. Karina is doing so well in your family. I just see it when I am there with you. Of course, I was only at your home once, but she fits in so well. She is so respectful and loving. What a wonderful daughter and wonderful parents. And of course, great siblings. LOVE your family!
    Oh, wanted to tell you that we are planning on doing some booths at the May day. Of course, we may be in Ukraine already by that time...haha But, we are trying to get this set up soon. Thanks for passing that on. :)