Monday, March 9, 2009

Need Help From You Who Have Adopted

We need help from those of you who have adopted in the past.
We are trying to get a social security number for Karina.  We need this number to be able to do our taxes... get her a passport... well, for just about everything.
We checked the social security administration website regarding the required documents needed to apply for a social security number for an adopted child and we brought all of those documents.
We went to the SS office in downtown Jackson with the documents listed on the website and they told us we needed something else...
So two days later we returned with that document and they told us we needed something else...
So two days later we returned with that document and now they tell us that we have to have proof of US citizenship (they said the immigrant visa with the Department of Homeland Security stamp on it, her Ukrainian passport, birth certificate with us as the parents, adoption court decree and school enrollment decree were not enough)...
We can use a US passport to prove citizenship...
The only way to get a US passport is to have a social security number...
We found that we could apply for a proof of citizenship certificate for $420...
is this there any other way to get a SS number or do we have to pay this $420 for a proof of citizenship certificate?
Does anyone have any advice or help?
Thanks.  You can email me directly at or post in the comments section.


  1. Hmm. That's strange. We didn't pay that fee. We took all our paperwork and applied for the SS card in the Orlando office wihout a problem. Is there another office in the area or is this the only one? Unless things have changed recently, it shouldn't be this diffcult.

    We've moved to Picayune. Any chance you guys are coming this way anytime soon?

  2. I didn't pay a fee for the certificate of citizenship. I sent in the paperwork with his original Ukrainian passport and once he was registered they sent me the COC and returned his Ukranian passport. Along with the COC came a letter from the president welcoming him to the United States.

  3. Once you have the Citizen paper that comes, you need that, her passport, the court decree and herself. This is all we needed when we got our girls SS#. They wrote it down, so we had it when we left the office, but most of the time you have to wait 10 days.

    You should never have to pay a fee.

  4. I have been following your blog for sometime because we are in the very early stage of adopting 2 girls from Ukraine. I saw your post about the problem with the SS card. Have you contacted the office of your state's US Senator? Usually the staff in these offices are very helpful in situations like this. I lifted you and this situation up to the Lord in prayer.

    Angelia Taylor
    Wilsonville, AL

  5. You automatically get the Certificate of Citizenship mailed to you because of the papers you left with the Passport people, Department of Homeland Security in the airport you first landed in the US. Remember that envelope you were instructed NOT to open that you received from the Embassy in Kiev?

    Just wait until that comes. That is the only way you will get it. They wanted to see the court decree, birth certificate, with translations and I can't remember now what else. I just took everything.

    You will need that COC and the SS to get her a passport. We are going to apply for our Karina's soon, so I can let you know how that goes if you like.