Sunday, November 9, 2008

From French Camp to Odessa -Sheila

Even though we have not heard from the SDA we have heard from Ukraine. Saturday we were able to call our friend Tasha in Ukraine. We knew that she was planning to visit Karina on Saturday and deliver a package to her from us. Matthew thought he would just try to call and see if he might catch Tasha while she was with Karina. By God's grace, she was at the orphanage when we called and we all were able to talk to Karina. What a blessing!!!!! It was so wonderful to hear her voice. God is so benevolent to give us the technology to reach half way around the world and check on our soon to be daughter. We were blown away to get to talk to her. Tasha translated for us, once again. We were able to speak some in English though. Since we were in French Camp for WFCA Day, Anderson was also able to say a quick "Hi Karina. I love you!" to Karina. It was a very emotional morning to say the least. I think the call was also very emotional for Karina. Tasha said that Karina was so overwhelmed by our call. She said that she wished we could see the look on Karina's face. I do to. Not long we pray.
Thank you all so much for praying for our booth at WFCA Day. God was so gracious to us. We sold quiet a bit. It was so fun to be with Erin and her mom, Lane. It was also fun the hear Erin introduce me as Karina's mom. It was also great to tell people about Karina's story and the story of so many other orphans in Ukraine. The Karina cookies we of course a hit!!! Matthew was able to see and catch up with many old friends. It was a wonderful day all around. Thanks again goes out to the Ulerich's for letting us crash at their house. They were so to gracious to us!! What great friends to walk along this journey with us. They have truly been an example of the sacrificial love of the Church. It is great to know that Karina has someone praying for her. I also have to thank Paula La for letting me borrow some of her fall decorations for the booth. Your ideas were such a help. Maybe we can post a picture of the booth. You were such an encouragement on Friday....thanks. Several people also contributed baked good. THANK YOU!!! Michelle, your strawberry bread was a hit and sold out in no time. The FCA students loved the cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to make them!!
Once again I have written a long post....thanks for reading!!! Thanks for praying and thanks for encouraging us as we walk along this journey. Your support and friendship has meant more than you know.-Sheila

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to talk to your sweet girl!