Saturday, July 3, 2010

She is Home!

When we were adopting Karina we met one of her good friends.  This was the girl that begged us to find a family for her.  On the day that Karina left the orphanage with us, this girl grabbed us and pleaded with us not to forget her, to pray for her and if we could, send someone to rescue her.
God answered her prayers and a year and a half later, she has come home to live with her new family not far from Karina.
It is good to see them together again and we praise God for the family that was willing to rescue another former orphan from the hopelessness she was facing.
Many of you prayed for this girl.  Thank you.  She is home.

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  1. I am also very glad she is here. Glad K & A got to be together again.