Saturday, June 26, 2010

Palmer Home for Children

Many have asked to know more about Palmer Home for Children where we are serving.  Palmer Home is a ministry for children growing up as social orphans without the nurture and support of a loving family.  Palmer Home provides a stable, Christ-centered home for these children.  To learn more, click on the link and see the mission statement below.
The mission of Palmer Home for Children is to reflect the hope and love of Christ by providing a stable, long-term Christ-centered home for children who lack an adequate family structure.

To that end Palmer Home, as it has since 1895, remains committed to privately-funded, non-government child care which keeps siblings together, models evangelical Christian values, mends emotional scars, restores self-esteem, and provides for each child the full opportunity to reach his or her God-given potential.

Palmer Home for Children currently serves nearly 100 boys and girls from birth through college age who live year-round on two campuses in Columbus, MS and near Hernando, MS. It also extends counseling to the family of origin, foster care, and other family-related services that Palmer offers through its well-qualified, professional staff.
Palmer serves both individual children and sibling groups, brothers and sisters who need and want to be together, providing opportunity for every child to learn traditional family values and to become responsible, caring adults. Each day is structured to provide a careful blend of education, work, family, fun and freedom - all the things a healthy child needs, including the incorporation of Biblical principles into every aspect of life.
But whatever the length of stay or depth of need, Palmer is there to extend effective, healing help, so that hurting children can dare to hope, to dream, and to love again...all because caring friends have chosen to participate in Palmer's growing outreach, prayerfully and lovingly providing financial support and volunteer help.

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