Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keep Me Warm, Daddy!

Right now it is 21 degrees Fahrenheit in Kiev... warmer than it was a couple of weeks ago... but still cold.
How cold does it have to be for you to put on a coat?
How cold is it when you put a coat on your children?
One of my favorite things in life is to snuggle up with my children and keep them warm.
"Keep me warm, daddy!"  they often tell me.  Warmth and love often go hand in hand.

For some children in Ukraine, even when the temperature drops below freezing, they do not put on a coat... because they have none.

There is an orphanage... there may be many.... where the children do not have coats to wear this winter.
Before we left for Ukraine several friends gave money to purchase coats for these children.  Thank you to everyone who gave.  I cannot imagine spending much time outside in this weather without a coat.
Thank you for showing your love for these children by keeping them warm.
It was an adventure getting the coats... driving through the snow, walking and sliding through the snow and ice, bargaining for a better deal, carrying big bags of coats and getting suspicious stares as our coat bags got larger and larger.
It was a joy to be able to do this.  Thank you for wrapping the kids up in warmth and love!

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  1. I love it! What a blessing.
    A coat is more than a coat to many- it is a warm hug every time you put it on for those who do not have a Daddy to keep them warm.