Monday, December 21, 2009

From Whom?

"Karina, are you excited about Christmas?"

"Oh, yes!  I am so excited!"

"What was Christmas like in the orphanage?"

"Well, we woke up and we ate... and we watched movies... and maybe we would go outside... and we ate some soup and two pieces of bread - we always had to eat two pieces of bread -  and we watched some more movies... and we went to bed."

"Did you get any presents?"

She laughed and then said, "Presents?  From whom, daddy?  From whom?"


  1. Hi Nasekos. My name is Jon Nelson, cousin of the Pretres. We are big fans of the Peru Mission via Josh Eby. We are heading to Ukraine in 2 weeks to adopt our 4th child the lord willing.

    Small world. Email is Would love to catch up with you sometime.