Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"My Daddy is Going to Die Tonight"

Last night Karina translated as three Russian speaking pastors explained the gospel to people at a nearby hospital.  When she returned she was full of excitement as she described what happened.
The good news of Jesus Christ was shared with many people in many different situations and all of them except one responded to Karina and the pastors.  The one that did not want to talk told Karina that he was a pastor.  She said he was a sharp dressed man who claimed to be a pastor but when she began asking him questions he told her that he was fine and did not need Jesus.  His good works were enough... they were all that was needed in this life and the next.  Karina said he walked off irritated and she was sad for him... and for those he pastors.
Several people were eager to hear the gospel and many made professions of faith and displayed a desire to serve Christ.
Then Karina said that one child looked at her and said, "My daddy is going to die tonight."
Karina knows what it is like to be without a daddy.  She prayed with the child and prayed for the daddy... that he knows Jesus and will be in heaven tonight.

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