Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Few Published Articles

Over the last several months, some of our mission work and the story of Karina's adoption have been published in magazines and newspapers.  To see two of these stories, please copy the links below and paste in your browser.

Mission Camp in Peru - found starting on page 12 of Leadership & Ministry, a publication of Reformed Theological Seminary:  www.rts.edu/Site/Resources/M-L/issues/M_L_Spring_Summer09.pdf

Adoption Story:
From the Tartan, a publication of Belhaven College:

Other magazines including the current copy of Parents & Kids and the July issue of Metro Christian Family have the story of Karina's adoption.  We thank Erin Ulerich for her writing and desire to spread the word about children that need a family.
Our prayer through this is that many people will reach out to orphans in their distress.

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