Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Karina!

Today is Karina's birthday and we praise God for giving her another birthday and that she is with us on this birthday.  It is truly a sweet day.  It is also a reminder of where she would be this summer if she had not been adopted and a reminder of what is to become of some of her friends.  Many of them will not return to the orphanage at the end of this summer and from their communications with Karina, some of them do not know where they will end up.  We hope to visit them soon.  Please be in prayer for those orphans who age out of the orphanages across Ukraine this summer.


  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Karina!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Karina :) I hope y'all had a wonderful time celebrating!
    Your post made me smile & tear up at the same time... I can't imagine how it must be for her friends and those who will age out of the system. We are definitely praying.