Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Family Comes Home, Another Family Goes

Last week a family came home with their new son.  It was a great homecoming with many people welcoming a child, no longer an orphan, at the airport.  We praise God for this homecoming and we pray for this family as they learn to live as a family together.
Today we visited a church in Alabama and the pastor briefly touched on God adopting us as his children.  To describe adoption he said that in adoption God tells us we are his forever and I could not help but think of how that should also describe earthly adoption (obviously in our fallen world there are cases such as the one recently in the news with the woman sending her child back to Russia).
I pray that the boy we met at the airport last week soon understands that he belongs to his family... he is no longer an orphan... and, God willing, it will be that way forever.
There is another family that leaves for Ukraine tomorrow to bring two girls home and into their family.  We thank God for both of these families, for the example they set for us, for the faith they demonstrate, for putting fear aside, for not listening to worldly wisdom and stepping out to do what they have been called by God to do.
Our prayers go with this family.
As they leave they are still in need of money.
If anyone reading this will pray for them and support them, please visit their blog where you can donate and help them bring two orphans home:
If you cannot adopt... if you cannot go... will you give to help them adopt?

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