Monday, June 1, 2009

Please Pray

Tonight while we sleep in the United States, the government in Ukraine may be voting on a bill that could end international adoption.  If this bill passes, thousands upon thousands of children may never have a family.  Please pray that this bill will not pass and that international adoptions will continue in Ukraine.  There are families in Ukraine right now and families soon on the way that could be turned away without children if this bill passes.
These children... these orphans desperately want families.  Every day throughout the weeks we spent with the orphans they asked us the same thing...
"Will you find a family for me?"
"Will you tell someone about me?"
"Does anyone know I am here?"
"Does anyone care about me?"
"Will you forget me?"
"Will you remember me?"
"Will I ever have a mommy and a daddy?"
Everyday they asked these questions.
Every single day.
It is the main thing on their mind... it is what they desire... it is what they ask God for... it is what they ask visitors to the orphanage for... these children want a family.
Please pray.

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