Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please Pray for Grandma Lela

Grandma Lela is in her 80's and spends her days showing love to orphans.  When many people her age just want to relax, Lela moved to Ukraine and pours herself out for those in need of mercy.  She is such a blessing to the children.
Last week she fell and broke her hip.  Karina loves her and is so thankful for her.  When Karina found out what happened to Lela she began weeping.  Karina has said about Lela, "The orphans need someone like Lela.  For some orphans Lela is the only one that has ever told them 'I love you!'"
Please pray for her.  

Here are the latest two updates on her situation:
Our wonderful Bahbushka Lela fell in her house of Friday (April 17) evening and is in the hospital in Odessa. She broke her left hip and is required to have a surgery. We have contacted her family in the US right away and they arranged the aircraft. We are expecting the Air Ambulance to come tomorrow and take her on Thursday early morning to America for the surgery. 
PLease, PLease, Please, keep Lela in your hourly prayers for she is in a very bad and painful condition. The pain killer medicine seems to be not helpful to her anymore since she has been taking them for 5 days already and she is in a very bad pain now. She is well taken care but much pain.
Let's all join in prayer for our Bahbushka Lela right now and the days ahead!!!!!

Dear Folks and faithful prayer partners!

Bahbushka Lela got on a special Air craft Ambulance this early morning by Odessa time. Praise the Lord her son Ron was with her. It was a great support for her. The doctor on the aircraft spoke perfect Russian which was a great help in many medical issues. His nurse was the kindest person that was very gentle with Lela. Praise the Lord Lela wasn't in much pain when she was leaving. She was smiling very big as usually and that was the greatest incouragement to us. 
Please, continue to keep our Lelchik in your hourly prayers that the surgery on Friday would go very well and she would be able to walk as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all that are lifting up our Lelchik to the Lord and He is very quick to answer!


  1. Lord, please take care of your good and faithful servant. Lela as she goes through this difficult surgery and recovery. May she continue to do your will and show love to the fatherless children of Ukraine. Amen.


  2. We will keep her in our prayer. Thank you for sharing and letting us all know.

  3. May God bless her and grant her peace and healing! Also praying that more will be inspired by her!

  4. I'm so glad to hear she made it out. I wanted to go visit her but they would not let me. I praise the Lord that she will be in the United States soon for treatment but am sad that she will no longer be with the kids of #4.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you this weekend after things calm down a bit.