Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Karina's Adoption Story Part II - Home Study is Complete!!

Storey Grace keeps asking when her sister is coming back home!

God continues to bless us in this journey. Our home study is complete and has been sent to US Immigration for approval. Please pray that we would get approval from immigration and that this next step will move quickly.

We received a letter from Karina a few days ago. She is doing well but misses us and looks forward to the day when we come to get her. Thank you for your prayers regarding her adoption.

We want to thank Anderson Ulerich (4 years old) from French Camp for praying for Karina! He prays for her and helps his mom bake cookies that he sells to help raise money for the adoption. Anderson tells people about Karina - an orphan in Ukraine - and then asks people if they want to buy a cookie that he made to help her come home. Thanks, Anderson! We appreciate you!

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  1. Such a sweet little precious! I just found your blog through Leslie and I am so happy that you are adopting Karina! I have been praying for a family for Karina for over a year now. I cannot tell you how much this means! I saw Karina in March and she was down on most of the days I was there. The staff said she was upset that she did not have a family yet. One day, she was so sweet when I walked into the playroom. She grabbed a chair for me and instucted me to sit down in her sweet English words. I prayed so much for her and it broke my heart leaving. I praise God that He has brought a family for Karina. :)

    Ashley (Grisha's soon to be Mommy)